4th Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange

Presented October 13-15, 2010 at Aspen Meadows, Aspen, Colorado

Archived Agenda from 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010
10:00 am - 12:00 pm Optional Pre-Conference Workshops presented by Sponsors
12 noon - 1:00 pm Lunch Buffet and Meet the Sponsors in Meadows Restaurant
Hot buffet lunch with opportunity to meet in small groups with representatives from the sponsor organizations
1:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Welcoming Remarks
by Jeff Rice, City of Aspen Utilities

1:15 pm - 1:45 pm Opening Keynote:
Utility DSM in Colorado: Past, Present and Future Paul C. Caldara, P.E., Colorado Department of Regulatory
Paul Caldara served as an electric and natural gas distribution engineer as well an account executive at Xcel Energy, Inc in Denver, Colorado, beginning in 1990. In 2000, he joined the University of Colorado at Boulder as a Manager in the Utility Services Department. Mr. Caldara now serves as an engineer for the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. His responsibilities include providing testimony on Demand Side Management Plan applications, reviewing gas and electric DSM rate riders, and fulfilling DSM reporting requirements to the Colorado State Legislature.
1:45 pm - 5:00 pm Focus on Utility Program Portfolios
Session Co-Chairs: Jeff Rice, City of Aspen Utilities and Susannah Pedigo, Xcel Energy
1:45pm - 2:15pm Utility Program Snap Shots
Five-minute highlights of utility program activities with focus on program portfolios for 2010 and 2011, presented by the session co-chairs and other participants.
2:15pm - 2:45pm Xcel Energy 2010/2011 Program Portfolio Overview
Shawn White, Business Energy Efficiency Marketing Manager, Xcel Energy
2:45pm - 3:15pm Excess is Out 2010/2011 Program Collaborative
Paul Smith, Manager, Demand Side Management, SourceGas Collaborative between Source Gas, Atmos Energy and Colorado Natural Gas
3:15pm - 3:30pm Refreshment Break
4:00pm - 4:30pm Black Hills Energy Program Portfolio Overview
Matt Daunis, Director, Energy Efficiency, Black Hills Energy
4:30pm - 5:00pm Roaring Fork Valley Utility Collaborative
Jeff Rice, Utilities Energy Efficiency Manager, City of Aspen and Jason Haber, Energy Programs Manager, Community Office for Resource Efficiency
Collaborative between City of Aspen Utilities, Holy Cross Electric Cooperative, City of Glenwood Springs and CORE
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Networking Reception and Poster Session Hosted bar and hors d'oeurves among the sponsor displays and posters on topics related to utility-sponsored program design, implementation and design.

Poster Topics will include:

  • Xcel Energy's Home Performance with Energy-Star (HPwES) Program,
    Jacqueline Ducharme, Xcel Energy and Paul Kriescher, Lightly Treading.
    Overview of Xcel Energy's whole-house makeover program, sanctioned by US EPA. HPwES focuses on optimizing the insulation and air-sealing and other critical performance enhancements of homes across Xcel Energy service territory in Colorado. Teams of inspectors and contractors are identifying insulation, air-sealing, HVAC, lights & appliances problems in homes but most importantly delivering the needed improvements to cut energy consumption by at least 20% while eliminating freezing in the winter and cooking in the summer for the occupants. The presentation will offer case-studies of the 1) process 2) measures & improvement 3) financing/rebates used to cover the costs and deliver the improvements and 4) testimonials from the homeowners."
  • Home Energy Audit Approach From Software to Program Implementation
    Steve Byers, CEO, EnergyLogic.
    A graphical depiction of the information relationships and flows for a home energy audit program. Demonstrates how system is a complete solution for program management and implementation that is highly customizable yet also turnkey.
  • Brewing Energy Efficiencies Resource (BEER) Program
    Stephen Michael Self, Sustainable Ideas Consulting.
    This brand of BEERS is designed to provide a wide range of solutions to reduce energy demand for the brewing and wine making industries. The BEER Program scope includes: direct process energy use, heat recovery, waste water recycling, building energy efficiencies, lighting improvement, staff and office efficiency opportunities, and renewable energy options. BEER helps breweries and wineries have less energy "filling" but still taste great!
  • 21st Century Home Energy Audits
    Paul Kriescher, Principal, Lightly Treading.
    Details of Xcel Energy's program to bring certified BPI and/or RESNET consultants to homeowners to uncover what is leading to discomfort and high bills in their homes. This poster will summarize what an Energy Auditor looks for, how they test/inspect houses and the recommendations they make for improvements. It will also cover the rebates which Xcel Energy provides for audit services to buy down ~60% of the cost of the audit to the homeowner as well as the $500+ in rebates once improvements are made. Finally, we will be reviewing the Stand-alone rebates in comparison to the Home Performance with Energy Star. This poster will detail the benefits and steps of promoting Energy Audits to your clients.
  • Renewable Resource Weather Stations
    Gary Hoffmann, Western Area Power Administration.
    Demonstration of a weather station with data logging capability that provides instructional resource references to schools.
  • Converting Natural Gas Distribution System Energy Losses to Renewable Power
    Jim Meehan MHC Green Energy.
    Description of system that captures the kinetic energy of compressed Natural Gas which is lost at pressure reduction stations throughout gas distribution systems, and creates Renewable Energy which can be fed directly into the local electric utility system. The Gas Pressure Generator improves System Efficiency, and produces clean power from waste energy which can offset Renewable Energy requirements. The system has applications to both Natural Gas Utilities and Electric Utilities.

Thursday, October 14, 2010
7:30 pm - 8:30 am

Breakfast Buffet in Meadows Restaurant

Two Concurrent Session Tracks will be presenter throughout Thursday morning and afternoon
8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Focus on Residential Energy Efficiency
Session Chair: Bob Langenberger, Western Area Power Administration

Focus on Commercial Energy Efficiency
Session Chair: Adam Perry, Platte River Power Authority

8:30am - 9:00 am

Utility Residential Program Snap Shots
Five-minute highlights of utility program activities presented by the session co-chairs and other participants
Utility Commercial Program Snap Shots
Five-minute highlights of utility program activities presented by the session co-chairs and other participants

9:00am - 9:30am

Creating a Compelling Home Energy Audit
Jacqueline Ducharme, Xcel Energ, with Darlene Luca, Apogee Interactive , and Paul Kriescher, Lightly Treading
Learn how Xcel Energy and Apogee Interactive, Inc. committed to a "pilot" to study the accuracy and performance of a web-based, RESNET certified software modeling tool. Web-based technology allows energy auditors an option to use manual bill load or access customer billing information using a web service. Attendees will learn techniques, tips, and real-world results for implementing web-based the various strategies of implementing the tools to allow this customer self-service. This presentation discusses the issues related to web-based energy modeling for home audits. Follow a 6-month pilot demonstrating actual data. Energy simulation analysis, when applied to residential homes. Learn the challenges and success from utility, software developer and auditor perspective.
Small Building Tune-up Pilot Program
Kevin Afflerbaugh, Commercial Programs Manager, City of BoulderLearn about this retro-commissioning program for small to medium sized buildings and tunes up HVAC, lighting controls, PC, etc. Boulder is running pilot now.
9:30am - 10:00 am Two Techs and a Truck: Innovative residential energy audit-to-action Program
Amy Ellsworth, Senior Associate, The Cadmus Group
Discover a collaborative new residential energy audit-to-action program implemented by the City and County of Boulder. The program leverages existing community resources, focuses on one-on-one assistance for residents, offers a streamlined measure installation approach and ongoing engagement to drive high participation rates, and aims to generate significant greenhouse gas reductions. Participants will learn about the program design and development process, which included extensive research; stakeholder meetings; and analysis of market conditions, budgets, and energy and GHG impacts; as well as the city and county's innovative approach to implementation and delivery.
Driving Scale and Adoption in the Hard to Reach Small Business Sector
Steve Meyers, EnerPath
According to a 2010 Accenture study, utility customers spend only 6 minutes a year worrying about utility bills. Most utilities interact with customers through bills, power outages or complaints and have overlooked opportunities to develop deeper relationships with their customers. This presentation focuses on an effective, high-touch, tiered program that drives energy education and energy-efficiency adoption in City of San Antonio. The program is modeled after the highly successful Set to Save Program (which retrofit 5,900 homes and small businesses and reached over 25% of the homes in Palm Desert, CA) and the LADWP Small Business Program (which retrofit 27,000 small businesses in Los Angeles with 90% adoption rates) which EnerPath designed and managed. The critical program design elements and corresponding results from these programs will also be discussed.

Steve Meyers will lead the session with relevant utility, government and financing representatives, all who are working on energy efficiency programs. Mr. Meyers has been a recognized, international leader in the energy efficiency industry for 15 years and has worked with EnerPath since 2003. He oversees both the Strategy and Marketing Department of EnerPath. He has been an officer at two publicly-traded energy companies, worked in Deutsche Bank's Energy Trading Group, and did research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

10:00am - 10:30am Refreshment Break Refreshment Break
10:30am - 11:00am Existing Home Efficiency - Covering All the Bases
John Phelan, PE, Energy Services Manager, Fort Collins Utilities
Fort Collins Utilities Home Efficiency Program is a comprehensive program targeting improving efficiency in existing homes. Based solidly in building science and best practices, the program offers a clear path for customers to identify and prioritize improvements, select qualified and trained contractors and receive rebate funding for a wide range of measures. From the start, the program has developed without shying away from such thorny issues as natural gas savings for an electric utility and directly addressing combustion safety. Learn how Fort Collins developed the standards, training and quality assurance aspects covering insulation, air sealing, windows and HVAC measures and get an up to date snapshot on the first 10 months.
Small Business Direct Installation Program Implementation
Patrick Burns, Nexant with Lynn Roy, Nexant
Learn about the rising popularity of direct install programs for the small businesses in the commercial sector. Nexant will share their experience from designing, implementing and evaluating small commercial direct install programs. Discussion will include an overview for direct install programs, decision making on effective measures, addressing key technical components and working with trade allies.

Patrick Burns is a Project Manager in the Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management Division and has over 15 years of engineering experience with a focus on energy efficiency, lighting and electrical systems design and commissioning. He currently supports a variety of energy efficiency and DSM programs for utilities, government agencies, and private sector firms. Patrick's DSM experience includes energy efficiency and demand response potential studies, on-site market research studies, efficiency program design and program impact evaluations. He has experience working in a large variety facilities including multi-use, hospitality, government, commercial and industrial facilities, school districts and hospitals.

11:00am - 11:30am Residential Audits to Homeowner Action in One-Step: How Oklahoma Gas & Electric Is Driving an Innovative Bundled Energy Audit & Residential DSM Effort to Produce Surprising Results
Eric Stern, Director, Mountain Programs, CLEAResult Consulting, Inc.
Overview of OG&E's brand new bundled residential energy efficiency audit and DSM program, implemented by CLEAResult Consulting. Topics will include the program's innovative use of technology such as real-time scheduling and coordination between a fully staffed call center team and program field auditors, a paperless and tablet-computer driven home audit process, as well as a seamless handoff between the field audit-team local HVAC installation teams that will yield a 67% customer action rate in areas A/C Tune-ups and Duct Repair projects. A key strategy utilizes a specially trained audit team as both a technical expert and customer educator, while also pre-enrolling customers in the bundled audit and DSM program when registering for audits. The pilot program was completed in July and August 2010, and now is in full public operation. Anticipated customer participation rates are set to exceed 30,000 residential audits, 20,000 A/C Tunes & Duct Repairs, and 1,500 appliance replacements by 2012.
School Programs
Wayne Snyder, Town Manager, Fowler Colorado with Gary Hoffman, Western Area Power Administration
Overview of planning and implementation of several renewable projects, including a middle school that has a renewable energy curriculum that Western has supported with equipment loans and one of their students won a regional science fair with a project on wind power.
11:30 - 12 noon Home Energy Audit Software Selection for Kansas and Utah
Steve Byers, CEO, EnergyLogic
Presentation of home energy audit software selection for at least two different programs (Kansas and Utah) with similar but distinct objectives. Describe how and why software was chosen and how it was implemented in each program. Update on program progress through the lens of the software developer.

Steve Byers is the CEO of EnergyLogic Inc., a Colorado based energy services organization primarily serving the residential construction industry. Steve is a trainer and nationally recognized lecturer on the rating industry. He serves on the RESNET board and Technical Committee, chairs the National Building Registry Working Group."

Cross-Country Commercial Program Retrospective on Best (and Worst) Practices
Kyle Dunn, PE is Principal Engineer, MWE2
Take a tour of currently implemented commercial energy programs from around the country. Learn the key program parameters, including incentive levels, target markets, and general discussion of utility implemented versus third party administered programs. Programs to be discussed will include: industrial energy efficiency programs, commercial custom efficiency programs, performance contracting programs and energy auditing programs. Kyle Dunn, PE has provided over 500 engineering reviews of utility customer applications, with total approved incentives over $10M since 2004 to commercial and industrial gas and electric programs in PG&E, SCE, and Alliant Energy (Iowa) territories, and various other utility-sponsored programs.
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Lunch Buffet and Roundtable Discussion at Meadows Restaurant
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Focus on Technology
Session Chair: Joani Matranga, GEO

Focus on Partnerships
Session Chairs: Ron Horstman, Western Area Power Authority
1:00pm - 1:30pm Technology Snap Shots
Five-minute highlights of utility program activities presented by the session co-chairs and other participants
Partnerships Program Snap Shots
Five-minute highlights of utility program activities presented by the session co-chairs and other participants
1:30pm - 2:00pm Select HVAC Joint Program Implementation
Gary Myers, Poudre Valley REA with Mike Rubala, Platte River Power Authority

The Select HVAC is a joint utility program developed by Poudre Valley REA and Platte River Power Authority. This program provides educational opportunities for qualified HVAC professionals and requires a commitment to proper installation practices and commissioning. In return, these qualified HVAC professionals receive referrals from the utilities. The utility gains energy reduction and their customers realize an improved quality of service.

Gary Myers is the Energy Use Specialist for Poudre Valley REA. He is NATE certified, IGSHPA certified, and maintains an HVAC contractor license. He is a BPI certified Building Analyst and is trained as a Level 1 Thermographer. In Northern Colorado, he is well known as ""Gary the Energy Guy,"" consistently educating the end-user about energy reduction opportunities Mike Rubala is the Certified Energy Manager for Platte River Power Authority. With more than 30 years in the industry and experience developing similar programs, he is the go-to person for the major Northern Colorado city utilities and electric cooperatives with respect to energy use concerns."

Low Income Weatherization Program: Partner Opportunities for Utilities
Sean Mandel, Governor's Energy Office

The Weatherization Program provides services to low income households in Colorado with the goal of making homes safer, more comfortable, and more affordable The GEO currently manages partnerships with 6 utilities in Colorado for support of weatherization services. A partnership with the weatherization program offers utilities a unique opportunity to address their most needy customers in a manner that has benefits for the customer and the utility alike. In his presentation, Sean will provide an overview of the weatherization program including funding, organizational structure, service delivery models, and services provided. Additionally, he will describe opportunities for utilities to partner with the program including examples of existing partnerships, benefits to low income homes served through the program, and benefits to the utility partners."

Sean serves as the New Business Development Manager for the Low Income Weatherization Program. He actively supports Colorado's weatherization agencies in ramping up in response to ARRA. This includes working with external partners to identify opportunities for leveraging funds, and building statewide capacity for increased production. Prior to Joining the Governor's Energy Office Sean worked as a Campus Organizer for the California Public Interests Research Group where he developed internship programs for college students that encouraged leadership around local water quality issues.

2:00pm - 2:30pm A Clear View of a Greener Earth: The High Performance (R5) Windows Volume Purchase Program
Terry Mapes, Research Engineer and Graham Parker, Senior Staff Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Windows affect 57% of total building energy consumption amounting to $133 billion/year. DOE has targeted windows as an area capable of delivering immediate and sustained impact on building energy consumption through a comprehensive portfolio of programs, including the R5 Program. This presentation will describe the downstream market transformation program and the opportunity it presents for utility incentive programs. It will also analyze the cost effectiveness of high performance windows in a heating dominated climate like Colorado, and summarize the utility programs currently being offered around the nation for high performance windows. It will conclude with a look at the products and prices currently available from almost 40 different vendors through the program website.

Terry Mapes and Graham Parker have managed the R-5 program for DOE since its inception. Mr. Mapes has been involved in energy efficiency related engineering programs for the last five years, both public and private. Mr. Parker began his PNNL career more than 35 years ago, concentrating on federal equipment standards and the development of energy and water efficiency strategies.

CARE Program
Gary Myers, Poudre River REA with Deacon Taylor, Sangfroid Inc.
Poudre Valley REA has started a CARE program that will improve the energy efficiency of 50 homes in its service territory. This program is in the early stages of development, but will, in the coming months provide auditing and weatherization improvements to these homes. The intent is to help people in the service area who are struggling to pay their bills by making improvements that will ultimately reduce their energy use and cost for the long-term. The goal is to mitigate some of their energy inefficiencies, and therefore, create a lasting impact.

Gary Myers, Energy Use Specialist, known as "Gary the Energy Guy", is a licensed HVACR Contractor, an holds NATE, BPI, IGSHPA certifications; successfully completed E-Star home performance training; trained as level one thermographer, and is an ACCA member. He has conducted hundreds of energy use audits; given many educational presentations; and has become a radio personality through talk show educational segments. Deacon Taylor is a Building Performance Institute Proctor for the multiple certifications. His background includes HVAC business owner specializing in efficient system design, initiator of the developing Nevada Home Performance program, and a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management from CSU.

2:30pm - 3:00pm Heat Pump Water Heaters---The Next Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb
John Richards, Northwest Region Manager, Rheem/Specialty Products Division
In the Pacific NW, energy efficiency organizations have called the Heat Pump Water Heater the next compact fluorescent light bulb because of the potential for delivering huge load reductions. The region's Sixth Energy Plan calls for rapid implementation of a HPWH strategy. Learn about current HPWH technology, how it differs from earlier products and what product planners are looking at for the future. Learn about product/program developments by industry leaders such as the Bonneville Power Administration, Portland General Electric, Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, Tacoma Public Utilities and more
Moving Beyond Savings: Exploring Techniques for Determining the "How" and "Why" Behavioral Program Success,
Anne Dougherty, Opinion Dynamics Corporation
Few behavioral impact studies move beyond counting savings to determine how programs work. This is much-needed information for utilities to innovate in order to move beyond cookie-cutter intervention models and generate information to get to the next level of success. This paper will examine how behavioral programs can draw on insights gained through previous studies throughout the US to inform their program design and better target customers and evaluate savings attributable to their efforts.
3:00pm - 3:30pm Refreshment Break
3:30am - 4:00pm Why Utilities Should Add Geothermal To Their Service Offering
Paul Bony, Director of Residential Market Development, Climatemaster
Interest in geothermal heat pumps is fueled with the growing realization among customers, utilities, and government agencies that geothermal heat pumps are both a green (carbon reducing) technology and an efficiency and peak demand response technology. GHPs reduce customers' energy use, thereby reducing the US's overall carbon emissions. GHPs are also generating new excitement among utilities because this technology is an excellent way to significantly reduce peak loads, improve overall load factor, and meet efficiency and renewable energy program goals and government mandates. This presentation will summarize the demand and energy reductions developed across the U.S. in case study format and touch on the innovative approaches that rural electric cooperatives, municipal utilities and investor owned utilities are using to accelerate the deployment of GHPs.

Paul Bony's role at ClimateMaster includes responsibility for technical installer and loop installation training, utility relations, and other GHP market development efforts. Paul has managed the development of several innovative GHP financing tools including loop leases, a second mortgage "Co-Z Energy Plan and a ground breaking Geo loop utility tariff. Paul's energy efficiency and renewable energy market development efforts have earned the Association of Energy Services Professionals' "Achievement in Energy Services" Award, the US Environmental protection Agency's Excellence in ENERGY STAR Outreach award, and recognition from the Alliance to Save Energy.

Facility Manager and Utility Partnerships
Dean Stanberry, International Facility Managers Association
Hear a utility customer perspective on how they prefer to work with utilities regarding building upgrade incentives, planning, training, and communication.

Dean has over 25 years of professional experience in the areas of Facilities Management, Corporate Services, Information Systems, and Telecommunications. Dean is a past-President of the Denver Chapter of IFMA, recipient of the chapter's Distinguished Member award, and currently serves on the IFMA Foundation Board of Trustees, IFMA Sustainability Committee and Emerging Leaders Committee.

4:00pm - 4:30pm Evaporative Cooling Rebate Programs
Cheryl Winch, The Cadmus Group
Evaporative Cooling Rebate Programs have been designed and implemented in several states including Colorado to transform the residential cooling equipment market away from central air conditioning. Evaluations, which included investigation of market barriers and customers perceptions of evaporative coolers, have been conducted by utilities in Utah and Colorado during the 2009 and 2010 program years. Customer feedback gathered through these evaluations support the conclusion that evaporative cooling programs face substantial non-financial market barriers in the way of customer perception and attitude. Despite negative incremental costs, significant market barriers still exist for evaporative coolers (e.g., concerns over product performance and excessive moisture in the home), and utilities are struggling to meet participation goals. This paper provides insight into what education, marketing, and outreach components are needed to promote this efficient yet underutilized technology. Cheryl Winch, an associate at The Cadmus Group Inc., provides leadership in the areas of research design, project consulting and management, survey design, sampling, statistical analysis, and report and presentation writing focused on demand-side management, renewable energy, and other sustainability efforts for utility and energy organization clients. Her areas of expertise include process and impact program evaluation, behavioral aspects of energy use, messaging, marketing communications, and qualitative research methods.
Advanced Metering Initiatives and Residential Feedback Programs
Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez, Ph.D
4:30pm - 5:00pm ENERGY STAR HVAC Quality Installation Program
Allie Marshall, The Cadmus Group
More than half of all residential HVAC systems are believed to underperform due to installation issues that lead to wasted energy, higher operating costs, and decreased comfort. The ENERGY STAR HVAC Quality Installation program goes beyond traditional equipment incentives by targeting energy savings from proper installation of high efficiency HVAC equipment. The program offers utilities a new approach to reaching customers and achieving savings and offers customers increased confidence in their contractor and utility. The objective of this poster is to introduce potential stakeholders to the ENERGY STAR HVAC Quality Installation program. The poster will highlight program benefits for sponsoring utilities, participating contractors, and homeowners. Interested utilities will learn about program resources and support provided by EPA, such as program design assistance, marketing materials and on-going contractor training, as well as the path to partnering with EPA as a program sponsor.
How Community Energy Exchange Mentors Contractors
Stephen Michael Self, Sustainable Ideas Consulting
Community Energy Exchange is a mentoring program that bridges the gap between classroom learning, life skills, and Energy Efficiency/Building Science as it applies to analyzing and reporting Building Energy Efficiency performance and safety. At Community Energy Exchange, our mentors are BPI Certified Building Analysts and RESNET HERS raters who have experience working in the field and in the home. We take you, the "mentee", through live audits and work side-by-side with you in real-world buildings rather than pre-fabricated teaching models. Real-world audits allow you to experience auditing while thinking on your feet to produce viable, rather than theoretical, solutions.

Stephen focuses on building and sustaining EGIA relationships with contractors, manufacturers, distributors and industry organizations. He is also director of EGIA's Leadership Academy partnering with national training institutions to deliver web exchanges and business mentoring. Prior to joining EGIA, Stephen started and ran a home performance contracting business, Sustainable Interiors, based in Boulder, Colorado providing energy-efficient options and sustainable building products for remodeling and renovating existing buildings

5:00 pm Adjourn
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Hosted Bar at Pitkin County Steakhouse and Tavern

Friday, October 15, 2010
7:30 am - 8:30 am Breakfast Buffet in Meadows Restaurant

8:30 am - 9:00 am

Closing Keynote
The Colorado Governor's Energy Office Planning Horizon
Joani Matranga, Western Regional Representative, Colorado Governor's Energy Office
Insight on where the GEO's planning efforts are focused in regards to energy efficiency and demand-side management initiatives over the next few years. Joani Matranga works with Colorado's Western Slope communities to create economic opportunities with renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean energy technologies. Joani recognizes the importance of grassroots efforts, policy and local action as key to moving Colorado forward to a New Energy Economy. Previous to working at the GEO, Joani spent nine plus years at the Community Office of Resource Efficiency, a local energy office based on the Western Slope. In a former life, Joani was educated as a chemical engineer and has worked in new product/business development, international specialty chemical business, and gas and electric power industries.
9:00 am - 9:30 am Focus on Program Integration
Sessions Co-Chairs: Paul Smith, SourceGas and Gretchen Stanford, City of Loveland
Better Buildings Through Partnership: An Update from Boulder County
Ann Livingston, Sustainability Coordinator, Boulder County
9:30 am - 10:00 am Comparison of Utility Energy Efficiency Programs
Larry Zarker and Tiger Adolf, Building Performance Institute
Learn how utilities and government are managing risk by setting strict contractor qualification requirements and utilizing 3rd-party quality assurance. Understand the requirements for training, certification, and accreditation. See a breakdown of prescriptive and performance-based programs utilizing the synergy between BPI-qualified home performance professionals and raters to provide verifiable results.
10:00 am - 10:30 am

Refreshment break

10:30 am - 11:00 am You've Won a New Home... Sort of: Six Years of Home Energy Makeover Contests
Ed Thomas, EGIA

Overview of best practices and lessons learned from Home Energy Makeover Contests first sponsored by Xcel Energy six years ago and copied by numerous other utilities and statewide organization nationwide.

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Driving Large-Scale Residential Customer Engagement
John Phelan, Fort Collins Utilities and Gretchen Stanford, Loveland Utilities with Chris Patton, OPower
Fort Collins and Loveland Utilities will share results and discuss implementing a residential customer engagement platform that drives large scale energy efficiency and increased program participation. Using cutting-edge behavioral science, patent-pending data analytics, and sophisticated software expertise, the OPOWER platform enables utilities to connect with their customers in a highly targeted fashion through 100% individualized reports about energy usage. The platform is currently deployed to over two million utility customers nationwide, including; Xcel Energy, Fort Collins Utilities and Loveland Utilities.
11:30 am - 12 noon Closing Remarks
Jeff Rice, City of Aspen Utilities
12:00 noon Conference Adjourns

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Resource Action Programs® (RAP) designs and implements community programs to reduce residential water and energy use. RAP programs combine unique participant-driven educational materials, kits of high efficiency products and comprehensive implementation services that include data tracking for municipalities, utilities, government agencies, and community action agencies. Participants are equipped with the tools and products to enact the lessons learned making our approach to education truly 'hands-on' for a larger, longer lasting impact. www.resourceactionprograms.org


Western Area Power Administration's Energy Services Program helps our utility customers plan for a greener, more efficient future through greater energy-efficiency, renewable energy options, new technologies and industry best practices. Services include an equipment loan program, technical assistance, and a full menu of publications available both on-line and in printed version. www.wapa.gov/es/

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www.esource.comE Source provides independent research, advisory, and information services to utilities, major energy users, and other key players in the retail energy marketplace. Our mission is to increase the effectiveness of our members' operations, programs, and customer relationships, while supporting the efficient and environmentally sound use of energy. www.esource.com

www.nrglogic.comEnergy Logic has had a role in improving over 10,000 new homes in Colorado. We've also helped homeowners all along the Front Range improve the homes they live in. We help builders and homeowners stop wasting and start saving. EnergyLogic does this by offering the best energy auditing and energy rating services that are available today. nrglogic.com

http://www.colorado.gov/energy/Governor's Energy Office's (GEO) mission is to lead Colorado to a New Energy Economy by advancing energy efficiency and renewable, clean energy resources. GEO will work with communities, utilities, private and public organizations, and individuals to promote renewable energy such as wind, solar, and geothermal, and energy efficiency technologies in commercial and residential buildings. www.colorado.gov/energy

www.nexant.comNexant, Inc. is a global provider of intelligent grid software, demand-side management, and energy efficiency solutions. We provide services to Fortune 500 companies, utilities, transmission and distribution system operators, chemical and petroleum majors, financial institutions, government agencies, and development banks. Headquartered in San Francisco, Nexant has 24 offices around the world, with domestic offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Utah and Washington, D.C. Nexant's Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management business unit helps clients analyze, formulate and implement strategies and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of their energy equipment and systems and reduce their energy usage and demand. For additional information, please visit www.nexant.com.

www.marathonheaters.comRheem Marathon Water Heaters is a manufacturer of non-metallic, lifetime warranty, thermal-storage electric water heaters with the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. Marathon has active programs with over 250 distribution and G&T cooperatives across the country. www.marathonheaters.com


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Home Energy Magazine Online - HomeEnergy.orgHome Energy magazine's mission is to disseminate objective and practical information on residential energy efficiency, performance, comfort, and affordability. It is the only magazine that thoroughly covers residential comfort issues from the only approach that really works, systems engineering. Learn More (PDF)