8th Rocky Mountain Utility Efficiency Exchange

Presented September 24-26, 2014 at Aspen Meadows, Aspen, Colorado

Archived Agenda from 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
7:00 - 8:30am Breakfast Buffet in Meadows Restaurant
Buffet breakfast with opportunity to network. Family members are welcome to join us for the meal.
8:30 - 10:00am Roundtable Discussion
Session Co-Chairs: Jackie Ducharme, Xcel Energy, and Kenny Romero, Colorado Springs Utilities
Brief introduction from a representative from each utility and government agency present on the one topic they would most like to discuss during the roundtable and the one item that they would most like to learn or share during this event.
10:00 - 10:15am Refreshment Break
10:15 - 11:30am Roundtable Discussion (continued)
Facilitated discussion that includes what are anticipated to be greatest customer program challenges in 2015 and other topics identified most in earlier discussions or "written in" during a pre-event survey.
11:30 - 1:00pm Lunch Buffet in Meadows Restaurant
Buffet lunch with opportunity to network. Families are welcome to join us.
1:00 - 5:30pm Session Co-Chairs: Jeff Rice, Aspen Utilities, and Matt Daunis, Black Hills Energy
1:00 - 1:15pm Welcoming Remarks
Jeff Rice, Aspen Utilities, and Mary Wiener, Holy Cross Energy
1:15 - 2:15pm Opening Keynote: Engaging More Customers in More EE Measures
Suzanne Shelton, The Shelton Group
Last year Suzanne Shelton laid out the challenges that get in the way of engaging customers in energy efficiency — from their false perceptions that they simply don't have an energy efficiency problem to siloed and "safe" marketing efforts from utilities. Suzanne will share fresh insights from her firm's ongoing polling of Americans, and talk through results and lessons learned from the Do 5 Things program she highlighted last year, as well as from a statewide PSA campaign program her firm ran in partnership with DTE, Consumers Energy, Michigan Saves, and Dow Chemical in Michigan as well as the early results from both programs. See Suzanne's latest efforts at www.avoidenergydrama.com and www.fiveworx.com.
Suzanne Shelton
2:15 - 2:45pm Curriculum-Based Learning: Empowering Students to Reduce Electricity Consumption While Learning
Christopher A. Craig, University of Arkansas with Melinda Epler, Mazzetti
Discussion of a case study that explored the ability of curriculum-based exercises at school to improve cognitive learning about electricity consumption, influence student perceptions about the school's motives for conducting curriculum-based learning exercises, and positively influence electricity-conversation behaviors at school and home. The school reduced electricity use by 36% and the students at home reduced electricity use by 15.5%.
2:45 - 3:15pm Refreshment Break
3:15 - 3:45pm Integrating Energy-Efficiency Programs at a Community Level
Matt Daunis, Black Hills Energy with Kelsey Cummings, SmartWatt Energy
Discover how Black Hills Energy was able to integrate their commercial energy-efficiency programs to make a historic Southern Colorado community more energy-efficient. We'll discuss the different energy-efficiency programs, the resulting reduction in energy usage and costs, and the potential applications and extensions of this idea.
3:45 - 4:15pm Efficiency Works Collaborative Program
Adam Perry, Platte River Power Authority
Learn how Platte River and its four owner municipalities collaborated to create one overarching program that includes all of their efficiency programs into one.
4:15 - 4:45pm Financing for Home Upgrades: Lessons Learned, New Products
Steve Dunn, U.S. Department of Energy, and Jeremy Epstein, Harcourt, Brown & Carey
This session will present insights, lessons learned and market trends in the development of financing products for home upgrades, from DOE's portfolio of Better Buildings Neighborhood Program partners and the US energy efficiency finance market at large. The session will highlight opportunities for program sponsors, utilities and financial institutions to leverage the HUD PowerSaver Loan Program for home energy efficiency and renewable upgrades.
4:45 - 5:00pm Meet the Poster Presenters
Quick overview of what the poster presentations have to offer.
5:00 - 5:30pm Sponsor Snapshot Panel
Lightning round of sponsor introductions.
5:30 - 7:00pm Networking Reception with Poster Session
Hosted bar and hors d'oeurves among the sponsor displays and posters.

Poster Session Co-Chairs: Susie Strife, Boulder County and Christmas Ramirez, Xcel Energy

  • Evolutionary Savings for Natural Gas Programs, Matt Daunis, Black Hills Energy, and Allie Marshall, Cadmus. This presentation focuses on the unique challenges gas-only utilities face in providing cost-effective efficiency program portfolios while optimizing net benefits. Using Black Hills Energy's recent natural gas plan as our case study, we will highlight two new programs that intend to enhance the customer experience and achieve greater savings.
  • PVREA Headquarters Converts to Geothermal Heat Pumps, Mike Rubala, Poudre Valley Electric Association. Learn how a utility accomplished a comprehensive energy upgrade to its main office, going from air source to geothermal heat pumps and more.
  • Data-Driven Active Energy Management: Unlocking Low-cost Savings, Erica Sparhawk, CLEER. Easy access to 15-minute energy data is helpful in achieving energy savings from operational changes and retrocommissioning, but data is only one link in the chain. Unlocking savings for commercial customers requires organizational readiness, plus good data. We will show ways to cost-effectively assist organizations and how utilities can participate.
  • An Industry in Transformation: What It Means for Energy Service Providers, Marie Bahl McKenna, Tendril. In order to meet the needs of their constituents, utilities are evolving as energy service providers. This presentation will focus on key questions, challenges and opportunities facing the energy industry. In particular, how utilities are turning demand-side challenges into revenue opportunities, with a focus on distributed generation, residential solar, energy storage and improved customer engagement.
  • Program Transformation: Data Handling Efficiencies, Andy Bardwell, OptiMiser. Learn how three energy-efficiency programs radically transformed processes to increase efficiency -- cutting staff time dedicated to data handling, project management and reporting -- by standardizing processes and data, streamlining communications with homeowners and contractors, and cutting down on data entry errors by using HPXML. See the real impacts of how improved contractor satisfaction with a reporting/modeling tool and improve program productivity.

  • LED Technology Helps Prominent Denver LEED Platinum Office Tower Double-Down Savings in Parking Garage, Jennifer Lawrence, CREE with Jacqueline Ducharme, Xcel Energy Case study of the issue/problem, partnerships, utility involvement, savings, and results drafted by Xcel Energy that we will be expanding on to include the topic of commissioning. This case study will help inspire utilities to find savings opportunities for LEED certified buildings with LED technology.

Thursday, September 25, 2014
7:00 - 8:00am Breakfast Buffet in Meadows Restaurant
Buffet breakfast with opportunity to network. Family members are welcome to join us for the meal.
Two concurrent Session Tracks will be presented Thursday morning
8:00am - 12 noon Focus on Residential
Session Co-Chairs: Ron Horstman, Western Area Power Administration, and Alantha Garrison, Gunnison County Electric Cooperative
Focus on Commercial
Session Co-Chairs: Adam Perry, Platte River Power Authority, and Keith Emerson, Tri-State Generation & Transmission Association
8:00 - 8:30am Messaging Makeover: Is it Time to Audit Your Marketing?
Paul Racher, Columbia Gas of Ohio, and Amy Garrett, Conservation Services Group
Ever wonder what your customers think about your advertising? Columbia Gas of Ohio did, so they took action by conducting a study for their Home Performance Solutions program. What they discovered helped them refocus their marketing and create a message that is relevant, clear and unmistakably Columbia Gas.
Fort Collins Utilities' Refurbished Integrated Design Assistance Program
Gary Schroeder, Fort Collins Utilities
Fort Collins Utilities has blazed a new path in the world of energy design assistance programs for new construction and major renovation. Their new program, based on the Architecture 2030 Challenge, offers Design, Construction and Performance Incentives for owners and design teams. The final Performance Incentive is dependent on the actual measured Energy Use Intensity in kBtu/sf/yr!
8:30 - 9:00am DOE's Residential Solution Center: A Resource for Energy Efficiency Program Administrators
Steve Dunn, U.S. Department of Energy, Building Technologies Office
DOE's Residential Solution Center is a new resource designed to provide an easily accessed repository for key lessons, resources, and knowledge collected from the experience of past programs. This session will provide an overview of the Residential Solution Center, including key features such as case studies and tips for success.
Recommissioning for the Small Business Customer
Michelle Beaudoin, Xcel Energy; Adam Perry, Platte River Power Authority; Jim Zarske, Nexant; Jeff Crittenden, CLEAResult
Panel discussion about Recommissioning offering by various utilities designed to identify and implement low-cost/no cost measures in existing facility systems in smaller buildings traditionally not eligible to participate in the full Recommissioning program.
9:00 - 9:30am Spoiler Alert: Young Program + New Tricks = Great Outcomes
Christmas Ramirez, Xcel Energy and Anna Carvill, Cadmus
Learn how renovations to Xcel Energy's not-so-old Colorado Home Performance program resulted in almost immediate increases in savings and participation. While only in existence three years, program staff made some big changes to the program design, requirements, and implementation with great results. Discover what they did, and what happened next!
Recommissioning for the Small Business Customer
Panel discussion continues
9:30 - 10:00am Refreshment Break
10:00 - 10:30am Energy Advising: Road to Conversion through Home Energy Audits
Christmas Ramirez, Xcel Energy, and Sally Lambert, CLEAResult
Xcel Energy's Home Energy Audit program collaborated efforts with Populus to increase retrofits with post energy audit consulting. Did it lead to more conversions overall than without consulting? Join us for our results.
Efficiency Works: Commercial Assessments and Business Efficiency Grants Drive Results
Kelley Gonzales, Fort Collins Utilities and Bryce Brady, Platte River Power Authority
Efficiency Works was launched January 2014 in Northern Colorado to provide a more uniform and easily accessible format for commercial rebates and services. Discover how they have implemented an alternative tactics to increase program participation and drive preferred technologies by offering free facility assessments and supplemental grants to business customers who implement efficiency measures.
10:30 - 11:00am In with Control, Out with Assurance: A New Vision for Quality
Gary Myers, Tri-State G&T Assn; Tiger Adolf, Building Performance Institute; and Kristen Ferguson, Interstate Renewable Energy Council
Examine the carrot & stick model of home EE programs and learn what really works. Traditional quality assurance with a big 'stick' after the fact reduces program cost-effectiveness. Learn how the industry is shifting from QA sticks to front-end QC carrots through credentialed training processes and quality management systems that work together. Hear how to build a sustainable workforce with programs that stand above all others.
Process Efficiency: Achieving Sustainable Energy Management Practices for Large Customers
Michelle Beaudoin, Xcel Energy and Chandan Rao, Graphet Inc.
Although the U.S. industrial sector has significantly reduced its overall energy consumption, opportunities still exist for further energy savings. The challenge currently facing utilities is to design and deliver cost effective energy efficiency programs that uncover these opportunities. This session explores how Xcel Energy's Process Efficiency program achieves sustainable energy practices in this sector through a customized, holistic approach. This approach has proven success in identifying and overcoming the unique barriers that large industrial organizations typically face when developing and implementing energy efficiency plans. Learn how by utilizing data mining, this three phased program successfully balances customer commitment and resources to deliver one of the most cost effective programs in Xcel Energys DSM portfolio.
11:00 - 11:30am Residential Efficiency Crossroads: Opportunities for the Future
Amy Ellsworth, Cadmus
Market forces and regulatory constraints are increasingly limiting cost-effective residential energy efficiency program options. This presentation will explore several evolving challenges in this sector and offer possible directions for residential program planning that emphasize low delivery costs and high participation rates along with alternatives for calculating cost-effectiveness.
C&I Behavioral Programming as a Regulated DSM Offering
Peter Widmer, Power TakeOff and Kevin Bengtson from Center for Energy & Environment
Panel discussion on how InfoWise from Xcel Energy & Energy Intelligence for Industry pilot in Minn. work with public institutions and C&I customers to leverage interval meter & sub-meter data to achieve ongoing, verifiable energy savings from behavioral changes. AMI deployment & declining data acquisition costs create a market opportunity for utilities to leverage behavioral programming with C&I customers as a tool to meet DSM energy savings goals.
11:30 - 12:00pm Program Snapshot Panel
Fast-paced informal updates from panelists recruited from the audience.
Program Snapshot Panel
Fast-paced informal updates from panelists recruited from the audience.
12:00 - 1:00pm Lunch Buffet in Meadows restaurant
Buffet lunch with opportunity to network. Families are welcome to join us.
1:00 - 1:30pm Session Co-Chairs: Mary Wiener, Holy Cross Energy, and Kelly Gonzales, Fort Collins Utilities

New Business Models for Utilities: Delivering Efficiency as a Business
James Mandel PhD, Rocky Mountain InstituteJamie Mandel
Fort Collins Utility, together with The Rocky Mountain Institute and other key contributors, is working to design impactful programs that can achieve high levels of customer adoption while providing new sources of revenue for the utility. This multi-stakeholder team is working to develop a comprehensive "Integrated Utility Services" business model, which will enable the utility to more actively engage their customer base and help the city to realize progressive energy goals. Integrated Utility Services is meant to be a replicable model for utilities to deliver efficiency programs in a different way. RMI will present their work to date and share success stories of similar initiatives, demonstrating how utilities can employ these strategies.
1:30 - 2:00pm Energy Smart Colorado: Surviving and Thriving. (What we've done, and how we've transitioned into a sustainable program)
Marty Treadway, Energy Smart Colorado
Panel discussion with members of the Energy Smart Colorado team will present on program achievements and goals to date, and how we help Colorado utilities cost-effectively achieve their EE goals. We will present our vision for growth throughout the state.
2:00 - 2:30pm Building Successful Partnerships — Lessons Learned from the PIES Experience
Jeffrey Black, Colorado Natural Gas; Angie Twogood, SourceGas Distribution; and Kevin Kerrigan, Atmos Energy Corporation
Since 2009, the three Colorado natural gas utilities have worked collaboratively to deliver a comprehensive energy efficiency program portfolio to their customers scattered throughout the state. This presentation will highlight the successes and identify the challenges of tailoring program offerings to meet the needs across three different utility service territories.
2:30 - 3:00pm Refreshment Break
3:00 - 3:30pm Trade Ally Collaboration for Energy Efficiency Programs
Michael Johnson, CLEAResult
The majority of energy efficiency programs are not successful without actively engaging the trade allies to deliver services to customers. This presentation will examine how we engaged our contractors through a collaborative approach that includes a trade ally advisory group, mentoring and coaching, and other tools that motivate contractor participation.
3:30 - 4:00pm The HVAC Supply Chain - Learning How Each Business Segment Can Maximize Program Participation
Julie Humes, Lennox Industries
Understanding the segmented business models within the HVAC industry is critical to the success of any utility program. Learn why all HVAC incentive processes cannot be created equal. Focus will be placed on the three largest segments - commercial, residential and new construction, and how to maximize participation and energy efficiency savings in each.
4:00 - 4:30pm Reducing the Cost of Utility Technology Evaluation Programs
Eliza Hotchkiss, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Gain insight about the Technology Performance Exchange (TPEx), developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and available at www.TPEx.org. Discover this online repository that facilitates the transparent sharing of product-specific energy performance data. Many national retailers, manufacturers, and utilities have committed to use TPEx as a mechanism to improve technology evaluation workflows in an effort to speed the adoption of energy efficiency solutions in the built environment. This presentation will provide a brief overview of TPEx and explore how this resource is currently being used to reduce utility technology demonstration program barriers.
4:30 - 5:00pm Our Buildings Suck and That's Why We Have Health Problems
Larry Zarker, Building Performance Institute
Let's face it. We are breathing air in our homes that we cannot trust. Learn how to leverage the increasing attention that is being paid by the medical and insurance community to whole building solutions to lead a healthier and more comfortable life through building upgrades that also reduce energy use.
5:00 - 5:30pm Friday Session Snapshots
Quick overview of Friday's learning and networking options.
6:00 - 7:00pm Networking Reception in downtown Aspen
39 Degrees LoungeYour name badge is your ticket to complimentary cocktails at the 39 Degrees Lounge at the Sky Hotel, 709 E. Durant Ave. in downtown Aspen. This swanky lounge blends traditional ski-lodge touches with modern, sophisticated décor to make it one of Aspen's most happening spots. USA Today named it one of the top 9 snug hotel bars to warm you up in winter. Catch the free hotel shuttle to the center of town and you are just a couple blocks away. Learn more at www.theskyhotel.com.

Friday, September 26, 2014
8:30 - 9:00am Breakfast Break in Koch Building
9:00 - 10:00am Switch~Talk co-presented with Rocky Mountain Chapter of AESP
This fast-paced "exchange" of ideas was one of the top-rated sessions last year. Five minutes. Twenty slides, auto-advanced every fifteen seconds. That's switch~. Based on the same rapid-fire format that helped make TedX and Ignite Boulder popular, switch~ is a chance for people with great ideas about energy efficiency or whatever to share their thoughts. If you are interested in presenting a 5-minute, 20-slide presentation on any topic, send a note to Noah Lieb at [email protected] or Tiger Adolf at [email protected].
Learn more about this Pecha Kucha style of presentation at www.switch-energy.org. Switch~Talk


10:30 - 12:00pm "Watershed" Movie Screening
The water energy nexus has become a topic of interest to consumers and utilities alike for many reasons. The Movie "Watershed", produced and narrated by Robert Redford and directed by award-winning filmmaker, Mark Decena, explores new ways to view our water supplies and how we use water. It tells the story of the threats to the Colorado River through heartening character vignettes that reveal a new water ethic and 21st century solutions. Come join us for the movie and follow-on discussion on this important topic.
12:00pm Adjourn

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City of Aspen Utilities


City of Aspen Utilities provides reliable and economic electric service to approximately 2,371 residential, commercial, hotel, and condominium service connects. All service is within Aspen City limits. www.aspenpitkin.com
Holy Cross Energy Cooperative


Holy Cross Energy, formed in 1939, is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative utility providing electricity, energy products and services to more than 55,000 consumers in the Western Colorado Counties of Eagle, Pitkin, Garfield, Mesa and Gunnison. www.holycross.com


Energy Smart Colorado transforms communities by providing information, services and financing that support energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy installations throughout Colorado. ESC's primary goal is to reduce overall energy consumption by 20% in 20% of homes and businesses in our operating territory by 2020. www.energysmartcolorado.com

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency (CORE) works cooperatively with businesses, individuals, utilities and government entities in the Roaring Fork Valley to create measurable improvements in energy and water efficiency in order to benefit the environment and develop a more sustainable economy.

The High Country Conservation Center is a community nonprofit in Summit County working towards a more sustainable community. Program areas include energy efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable food production and sustainable business services.

Cloud City Conservation Center (C4) is Leadville and Lake County's only non-profit organization devoted to environmental sustainability. We work closely with local governments, businesses, schools and community members to create and execute projects that increase energy efficiency and clean energy, reduce waste and toxicity, and increase recycling and re-use.

Clean Energy Economy for the Region (CLEER) works to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy, increase energy independence, and reduce our contribution to climate change. CLEER seeks and supports collaborative opportunities for research, education, advocacy and implementation of resource efficiency projects.

The Office for Resource Efficiency empowers the Gunnison Valley to lower utility costs, develop renewable energy sources, decrease carbon emissions, increase access to local foods and build a more sustainable, self-sufficient economy.

At Walking Mountains Science Center, we share our passion for the natural world in ways that make a difference. As an award-winning non-profit, we have been recognized for our efforts to preserve our natural surroundings and to promote environmental awareness and conservation.



CLEAResult helps utilities, businesses and individuals make the wise use of energy a way of life. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, CLEAResult designs, markets and implements energy programs around the globe. Our experienced energy experts tailor strategies to our clients' specific needs and circumstances. www.clearesult.com

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The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) is a recognized global leader, supporting the development of a highly professional building performance industry through individual and organizational credentialing and a rigorous quality assurance program. BPI works with building performance industry stakeholders to ensure that the professional bar for excellence in building performance contracting is established and maintained by creating and regularly updating technical requirements through an open, transparent, consensus-based development process. www.bpi.org



Homeserve and Energy Pioneers have innovated a unique Energy Efficiency retro-fit model that provides for a customer-centric approach that leverages a strategic marketing engine to deliver market-leading results in the residential weatherization space. Our turnkey program can be deployed without tapping into SBC/ratepayer dollars. This allows us to not only meet utilities targeted energy and demand savings targets, but also to delight utility customers and enable utilities to deepen customer relationships.


Platte River Power Authority generates and delivers reliable, low-cost and environmentally responsible electricity to its owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont, and Loveland, Colorado, where it is distributed by each municipal utility to residents and businesses. www.prpa.org

Fort Collins Utilities is a municipally owned, multi-service provider of water, wastewater, electric and storm water services to the City of Fort Collins. We recognize the economic, social and environmental impacts of our operation and are committed to minimizing our negative impacts and enhancing our positive impacts on the community and environment.

The City of Longmont Power & Communications department is a community-owned, non-profit electric and telecommunications utility that builds, maintains and operates the electric distribution system for about 36,000 customers.

Loveland Water and Power Loveland Water and Power's mission is to add value serving the community's utility needs for today and tomorrow by providing quality customer service, providing reliable service, planning for the future, being environmentally sensitive, offering safe and secure utilities at competitive rates and being fiscally responsible.


SmartWatt Energy is a unique energy-efficiency firm. It provides turnkey solutions for utilities, commercial, industrial and institutional clients and also develops proprietary software that streamlines internal workflow processes and provides comprehensive program reporting. The Utility Division contracts directly with utilities to manage their commercial energy efficiency programs. SmartWatt Energy's vertically integrated program delivery platform ensures utility program success and client satisfaction, because all elements of the utility program are handled by a talented, integrated, cross-functional team. SmartWatt Energy has won an Inc. magazine "Hire Power" award and has been named the "5th Fastest Growing Private Engineering Company in the United States" on the magazine's annual 5000 list.www.smartwattinc.com


Western Area Power Administration program is committed to improving energy efficiency through collaboration, training and effective planning. We offer our customers powerful tools to turn efficiency and conservation into energy resources. From workshops to websites to equipment loans, all are designed to build and strengthen utility energy management strategies.

Xcel Energy


Xcel Energy is a leading combination electricity and natural gas energy company and offers a comprehensive portfolio of energy-related products and services to 3.3 million electricity customers and 1.8 million natural gas customers. Xcel Energy operates Windsource®, the Nation's largest voluntary wind energy program in terms of customers.www.xcelenergy.com

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A-TEC Energy is a company focused solely on fulfilling energy efficiency and demand side management programs for electric and natural gas utilities. A-TEC provides but is not limited to the following services: Administration, Incentive processing, Fulfillment, Audits, Verifications, Residential Load Management and Trade Ally support. www.a-tec.com



Black Hills Energy is a diversified energy company with a tradition of exemplary service and a vision to be the energy partner of choice - is based in Rapid City, S.D., with corporate offices in Golden, CO., and Omaha, NE. The company serves 759,000 utility customers in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. The company's non-regulated businesses generate wholesale electricity, produce natural gas, oil and coal, and market energy. We partner to produce results that improve life with energy. www.blackhillsenergy.com



Cadmus delivers cross-disciplinary services and solutions that help our clients achieve their goals while also creating social and economic value that improves people's lives. Our team of Energy Services Advisors provides expertise in energy policy, energy efficiency, demand response, renewables and distributed generation, potential studies, resource planning, finance, carbon, and smart grid. Learn more at www.cadmusgroup.com

Colo Rural Electric Assn


Colorado Rural Electric Association is the statewide trade association representing Colorado's electric cooperatives. CREA's membership is composed of all 22 of the state's electric distribution cooperative associations and one generation and transmission cooperative. www.crea.coop



Embertec USA's main focus is developing intelligent, power-saving plug load management devices utilizing a unique microprocessor controlled chip and supporting platform technology. This technology reduces all forms of power wastage, including standby power usage – electricity that is used by appliances while they are turned off – and active wastage from devices left on but not being used. www.embertec.com

Energy Efficiency Business Coalition


Energy Efficiency Business Coalition (EEBC) is a business trade organization dedicated to furthering the energy efficiency industry in Colorado. Formed in 2007, it is the primary source of information, influence and interconnection for the numerous businesses that are involved in the manufacturing, distribution, installation, sales and marketing of energy efficiency technologies and services. EEBC works with utilities, municipalities, the Public Utility Commission, and the state legislature to promote energy efficiency policies and programs that support the business objectives of the member businesses. www.eebco.org

Franklin Energy


Franklin Energy Services Franklin Energy Services is one of the most experienced energy efficiency program management companies in the United States. Founded in 1994, the firm designs and implements customized solutions for utilities, municipalities, and government bodies that help promote the efficient consumption of electricity and natural gas to their end-use residential and business customers. As an unbiased third party implementer that does not sell services or products to end-use customers, Franklin Energy engages local market allies in program delivery. www.franklinenergy.com

Habitat X


Habitat X hosts fast-moving conferences for professionals in the utility, home performance, and renewable energy industries. These highly respected events, hosted in extraordinary locations in North America and Europe, provide the venue for forward-looking individuals to work alongside their peers in a highly effective and moderated format to develop strategic visions for industry. www.habitatx.com

Power Takeoff


Since 2007, Power TakeOff has delivered industry leading interval data monitoring, reporting, and analysis services through a Software as a Service platform. As the exclusive interval data provider to Xcel Energy's non-residential customer market since 2008, Power TakeOff has organically developed strong customer roots in the Southwest, Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions. Recent approval as an official Green Button application developer has enabled the company to quickly expand nationally. www.powertakeoff.com

Resource Action Programs


Resource Action Programs offers a family of community conservation programs designed to increase residential resource efficiency and community awareness. The proven and effective design generates immediate savings in home energy and water use while providing maximum return on investment. www.resourceaction.com

Thorpe Energy Services


Thorpe Energy Services is a MBE certified company which provides energy solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional energy efficiency programs, and hands-on expertise in property related services. Our capabilities extend from conducting multi-site energy audits to fulfillment of comprehensive energy efficiency programs aimed at large source and small end users. We are one source for integrated solutions where energy and environmental concerns are managed in conjunction with the analysis, maintenance and operation of systems and structures. www.thorpenergyservices.com


Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is a wholesale electric power supplier owned by the 44 electric cooperatives that it serves. Tri-State generates and transmits electricity to its member systems throughout a 200,000 square-mile service territory across Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming. www.tristategt.org