Presenter Frequently-Asked Questions

Review Latest Agenda

Please review the AGENDA to verify that your information is correct on the agenda. If you have updates or changes, email [email protected]

Technical Rehearsals

All sessions will be presented live from Sept. 29 – Oct. 2 so this is your chance to practice with the screen-share technology before your webcast moment.  The event staff offered technical rehearsals for each session so presenters may practice using your webcam, advancing your slides, and taking audience questions.  If you need additional assistance, email [email protected] or [email protected]  

These additional technical resources are available:

Look Who's Coming!

Sponsors receive the full attendee list with all contact information.  All other attendees may just see the titles and organizations of all registrants at the link below.

Look Who's Connecting!


All presenters must register and pay the registration fee to confirm their place. All presenters pay the registration fee. Our cancellation and refund policy remains the friendliest in the industry. Any attendee may change or cancel registration with full refund and no penalty fees if you notify us by Friday, Sept. 25 (i.e., the business day before the conference starts).

Register Here

Promote the Event

We would welcome you to promote your presentation role.  Our Conference Promo Kit offers logos and graphics to use in your own promotions.

Download Promo Kit

Presenter Policy

By agreeing to present, you agree to abide by the Presenter Policy. A presenter orientation was held May 6 and you may view the recording at: Session co-chairs are assigned to each session on the agenda to assist and support you in preparation for the Exchange, and to ensure the delivery of top-quality, industry information presented by professionals engaged in the industry. The Co-Chairs Roles will help you understand their requirements.  Looking for more best practices on presentations? Try these: Simplifying PowerPoint and Preso Tips.

General and Breakout Session Presenters

You and/or your co-presenters have been assigned a time slot for PowerPoint slides or other presentation materials, including questions and answers. Make sure to plan at least 10 minutes for the Q&A discussion. Please help us stay on schedule by beginning and ending promptly. Plan to provide a copy of your presentation to your session cochair well before the event begins  Presentations must be approved by co-chairs no less than 24 hours prior to presentation. Modifications will NOT be accepted on site with co-chair approval.

Download the Presenter Policy

PowerPoint Templates

Presenters are encouraged to use the RMUE PowerPoint Templates, at least for their opening and closing slides. See the RMUE Presenter Policy for further details. The wide-screen format is preferred, but a standard template is also available.

Download the RMUE Wide-Screen PPT Template


Help us promote this event to your colleagues and clients by encouraging them to visit You may use the conference logo in your own promotional items, and please use the hashtag #14thRMUE in your social media postings.

Poster Presenters

Example poster display

To present your poster to the online audience, we conducted a web recording session in early September so that each of the poster presenters may pre-record remarks for up to 10 minutes about their poster to accompany an online graphic of your poster. This will allow the online registrants to learn from you even though they can’t be there in-person. Remember to include a secret word for those who listen to your presentation, so they may enter the drawing and win prizes.