August 20, 2020

We Started 2020 with a Plan (and it wasn't this)

The most exciting parts of our recent Utility Exchange Web Series was when presenters were interrupted by barking animals or other humans.  It  connected audience and presenter as humans doing the best we can.  It made the shared experience real.  Tiger and I prepared all the presenters before we started each webcast to not worry when something went wrong.  But, we jokingly added: "Remember that we had a plan."  The success of our 4-part web series gives us the confidence to announce that all our workshops and sessions at this year's 14th Rocky Mt. Utility Exchange will be presented live with plenty of opportunity for interaction.  The only exception will be the poster presentations which will be pre-recorded.  We are prepared to have technical glitches.  We hope you will tune in live to keep things real and celebrate life's glitches.  See how the agenda is evolving at

 We are looking forward to connecting with you online in September.

Ed Thomas & Tiger Adolf,


Over 110 Registered So Far - Look Who's Connecting 

We are delighted to announce that over 100 industry professionals have registered to participate in our multi-day live event next month.  Get a peek at who's connecting at 

Every fall for the past 13 years, industry professionals from utilities, government agencies, and solution providers in Colorado and neighboring states have made the trek to Aspen.  This year we are only able to meet online but that doesn't seem to be impacting our registration numbers.  So far, over 100 hearty souls have registered to participate online (see the registrant list at  All registrants have access to live presentations of these activities: 

  • Tuesday Workshops.  4 presentations will offer a deep dive into key industry issues
  • Wednesday Roundtables. Facilitated, interactive roundtable discussion with registrants on what's getting them up in the morning.. and keeping them up at night
  • General Sessions. Fast-paced presentations to the full group on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with Q&A follow-up
  • Wednesday Reception with Posters, Sponsors, and Animals. Virtual opportunities to connect with poster presenters, to visit sponsor chat rooms, and to meet rescue animals from the Aspen Environmental Center.  Refreshments are on-your-own but that's no reason to be alone.
  • Thursday Concurrent Sessions.  Small group breakouts on narrower topics with opportunity to switch between tracks

Recordings of all the live and pre-recorded poster presentations will be made available to all registrants via the website. 

View Full Agenda Here

Organizations in the News

Homes Will Have 20 Connected Devices by 2025

Parks Associates research finds U.S. broadband households have an average of 12 connected devices, which will increase to 20 by 2025, creating opportunities for service providers and manufacturers to deploy new value-added services to support the home network and all its devices.  Patrice Samuels will discuss this research in a Friday morning session at this year's Exchange. Learn more HERE.

Patrice Samuels

Xcel Energy Planning for 1.5 million EVs by 2030

Xcel Energy has published its plan to drive toward powering 1.5 million electric vehicles in its service areas by 2030. As a result of this vision, EVs would make up 20% of all vehicles on the road in those areas, more than 30 times the number today. Learn more HERE.


Colorado Energy Office Develops EV Roadmap and Plan

E Source partnered with the Colorado Energy Office to develop a roadmap identifying the information consumers need before making an EV purchase.  It is a foundational element of the state's Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan 2020. View Roadmap HERE and Plan HERE.

Colorado  Energy Office

Access Utility Exchange Web Series from Your Favorite Podcast Channel

The response to our recent web series was incredible with an average of 60 registrants per episode.  If you haven't already, we urge you to "binge watch" the Electric VehiclePricingCustomer Experience, and Clean Energy Transition webinars that are now available for free online.  

These 4 episodes are also accessible as podcasts. Listeners who choose to subscribe via their preferred podcast platform will receive these and future web recordings delivered to their phone, tablet, or computer without having to register each time. Learn more HERE or ask your assistant to play the Utility Exchange Web Series.

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