We Invite You to Join the Utility Exchange

Utility Exchange is a member community administered by UtilityExchange.org to help energy and water utility staff and allies to network and learn from each other. Its focus is the design and delivery of customer-centric energy and water utility programs related to efficiency, load management, distributed energy resources, and customer service operations.

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Any individual may join Utility Exchange. The two-tiered membership structure offers:

Utility/Govt Staff Membership

$95 per year


Open to any individual employed by a private, consumer, or cooperative-owned energy or water utility, or other energy or water services provider. This category also includes individuals employed by government agencies.

Ally Staff Membership

$195 per year


Open to any individual who is not employed by a utility or government agency. This includes, but is not limited to, those employed by a for-profit or non-profit organization that sells or promotes products and services, and/or attempts to influence issues related to, utilities and/or government agencies.


Utility Exchange members receive these benefits:

  • Learn: Unlimited access to all Utility Exchange event content archives
  • Network: Private Member Directory to connect with other members
  • News: Preferential notification of member news and promotional partner activities
  • Save: Registration discount to attend the next Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange equal to the annual dues paid

Annual memberships renew automatically at no extra charge when you register to attend the next Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange. If you can't participate in the Aspen event, you may remain a member by paying a modest fee. Organizations that sponsor the Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange earn a limited number of conference passes, and an unlimited number of one-year memberships for interested staff.

Schedule Member Benefit Orientation Tour

Our staff would welcome the opportunity to have a screen-share web conversation with you to offer an orientation tour of the content archives and guide you toward industry professionals who share your interests. Contact us at [email protected] to suggest a convenient date and time to meet online.

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If you are not yet ready to become a member, but want to stay in touch, sign up here for our Free Visitor Pass. The pass offers:

  • Access to Utility Exchange event content archives over 3 years old
  • Notification of member and promotional partner activities
  • Option to upgrade to an annual membership at anytime.